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Wed Jan 30 11:20:08 EST 2002

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Yes, we're quite aware that we broke many people's team mottos and
such.  Far from being idle fiddling, this was a necessary move, as
bovine explained in his plan:


We considered doing a sweep of the database to replace those tags we
could, but the same factors bovine mentions (allow safe vs. block
unsafe) make this a very complicated task.  At the moment, we're of
the opinion that trying to update all the team mottos in bulk would
do more harm than good, so we're counting on our participants good
will, and asking them to modify their own mottos as they see fit
within the new constraints.

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| -----Original Message-----
| Yes - you are right - but when they break the working candy 
| -- it is of 
| concern when it will be repaired.  The candy is one of the 
| hooks to get 
| people to join.
| Now when checking the stats on a group 15222 - it has 
| embedded html in 
| text -- the form is now translating the > < to &lt &gt so the 
| HTML is showing. 
|  This is an example of some thing that was working -- and is not.
| jackb

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