[RC5] Flush Message

webmaster at corvardus.f9.co.uk webmaster at corvardus.f9.co.uk
Wed Jul 17 14:54:13 EDT 2002

On 17 Jul 2002, at 4:29, visual wrote:

> >> I received the following when I did a flush today:
> >> 
> >> [Jul 13 20:38:46 UTC] RC5: Discarded
> >> EFE78618:80000000:1*2^28 (project disabled/closed)
> >> 
> >> Surely RC5 isn't closed. Anyway, all my other RC5
> >> blocks flushed successfully.
> >> 
> >> Just curious.
> >
> >Maybe?  I mean, we've gone through almost 85% of the 
> >keyspace...

You never know this is probably the announcement that they said is coming up. That is assuming, of course, they knew where the key was.  

The stats page also seems a bit queer, which to me seems that a major event in D.Net has occured.

1) A Bomb has exploded
2) RC5-64 has been completed
3) A major systems failure! 

What a novel idea! RC5-64 completed. I thought the day would never come.

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