[RC5] RC5-Crunching speed

Lars Rander maillist at rander.dk
Sat Jun 1 14:39:17 EDT 2002

At 11:02 01-06-02, you wrote:

>I have a new Pentium4 at 1.6 GHz. It's cracking RC5 at a rate of 2.04 
>MKeys/s. I'm using the client v2.7106.436 GUI. This is the last -to my 
>knowledge- GUI client. Would upgrading to a newer client improve the key rate?

I've got a 1000MHz AMD, and the benchmark says 3.4MKeys/sec - so yes, it 
will! :-)

>If so, then just a few small questions. I downloaded the new client and 
>thought I set it up properly. I did not see or did not look well enough 
>how to:
>1. Set up the number of work untis to have in buff-in and/or buff-out.

Right click it in the systray and select configure. Then select 2 and 13. 
However, I think that options 14 is a little easier to deal with. Here, 
instead of the number of packets, you set a number of hours - as you have 
dial-up, I suggest 24 or so - and the client will then fetch enough blocks 
to keep it busy for 24 hours...

>2. Fetch/flush the data to the Internet (I have ISDN-dail up).

When you rightclicked on it in the systray, did you see the "Update buffers 
(Fetch and Flush)" option? That's the manual way. The automatic way is to 
enter the configuration and select 2,6,7. Set this to 2. The client will 
then automitically detect when you connect and update the buffers. It will 
NOT trigger a dial-up itself if it runs out of packets!


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