[RC5] RC5-Crunching speed

Bjoern Martin boris59 at boris59.de
Sat Jun 1 15:11:06 EDT 2002

> Hmm I believe I heard the P-IV is just friggin' slow on cracking RC5. It had
> something to do with a unit that was removed (in opposite to the P-III, I
> believe it's a floating point unit....). I believe they were looking into
> the P-IV's instruction set to make it faster, but I don't think there's
> anything out yet.

Wasn't there a comment on this list shortly about improved P-IV 
performance with the pre-release client v472? I use that client on 
several machines for testing, but up to now it works just fine. Don't 
have a P-IV though, so I wasn't able to check how much faster 
(percentage) towards the v469 client it is.

Bjoern Martin

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