[RC5] Wow, did I ever do well.

Blain Nelson blainn13 at earthlink.net
Mon Jun 3 23:34:15 EDT 2002

6/3/2002 8:55:25 PM, "David Pyke" <loftwyr at loftwyr.ca> wrote:
>The history says:
>09-Apr-2002 12,650  
>08-Apr-2002 9,385  
>07-Apr-2002 6,118
>My personal history says:
>07-Apr-2002	3,286
>08-Apr-2002	3,267
>09-Apr-2002	3,265
>So, is my personal history wrong or is this a new and exciting bug in
>the stats/database?


It's pretty obvious that your computer has developed a nasty speed (overclocking?) habit, and it's 
trying to hide it from you.  I think you should schedule a confrontation with it, and get it into a nice 
28 day program.



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