[RC5] low stats for 04JUN02

Jonathan Smith jsmith at cygnacom.com
Wed Jun 5 19:25:45 EDT 2002

I just double checked and I gained 39098 blocks.  Checking my old records I
see that 5 dates were modified.

date       dnetc blocks       dnetc blocks        pproxy blocks
           shown (old)        shown (new)         shown
Mar 2,02    6620               7259                6773
Mar 5,02    5958               6116                6424
Apr 7,02    6348              12715                6784
Apr 8,02    6495              19210                6582
Apr 9,02    6470              25680                6587

clearly some of these gains are quite large, compared to my daily average.
I didn't see anything in the old plan files that might account for this
gain, it is almost the time of the master keyserver swap over, but before
it, not after where you would expect the problems.

However this number is not a large as the number of blocks I've submitted
but not been credited for (mostly I assume due to someone previously
submitted the block), which is currently 106128 blocks (before this new
gain) since July 2000.

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i also lost 2.5K blocks over nearly 5K, in an another hand since the new
stats format i recovered 66K blocks i lost by the past ...

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checking my stats this morning, and i noticed that it reported me
as having submitted about 2000 fewer blocks than what my
personal proxy says went out.

Normally when this happens, i also notice that the total blocks
submitted for the day on the overall stats page drops too
which makes me think problems with processing the logs.
but according to the overall page, the keyrate for the day wasn't
appreciably lower than usual.

So what happened to all my blocks?

i know they've recently switched RC5 to a new DB structure,
so maybe this is just a byproduct of that.

anybody else notice lower than expected blocks?


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