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Bjoern Martin boris59 at boris59.de
Thu Jun 6 10:37:27 EDT 2002

> other strange things : i've recovered more than 66K blocks, i know i've lost
> some by the past, what did you do ?
> my team and some of the teams before and after gained 1 place in overall
> ranking, what happened ?

AFAIK this happened the following way: you have two accounts, A and B, 
where A is assigned to your team, B isn't assigned to any team (which is 
internally team #0 or #1). If you merge B into A, B's blocks are 
assigned to A, but not to A's team - they stayed in team #0/#1. This 
problem can be fixed manually after it happened, but that didn't happen 
to me (~90k blocks). Now, with the new stats system, I jumped from 
ranking 5 to ranking 3 within my team, which was actually possible with 
just those 90k blocks. So I guess that's what happened.

Can anyone confirm or reject this one please?

Bjoern Martin

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