[RC5] stats page color

Wolf, John John.Wolf at logicom.com
Thu Jun 6 13:45:46 EDT 2002

>AFAIK this happened the following way: you have two accounts, A and B,
>where A is assigned to your team, B isn't assigned to any team (which is
>internally team #0 or #1). If you merge B into A, B's blocks are
>assigned to A, but not to A's team - they stayed in team #0/#1. This
>problem can be fixed manually after it happened, but that didn't happen
>to me (~90k blocks). Now, with the new stats system, I jumped from
>ranking 5 to ranking 3 within my team, which was actually possible with
>just those 90k blocks. So I guess that's what happened.
>Can anyone confirm or reject this one please?

I am not in a team, and I have never been in a team.  I still saw several
thousand blocks being credited against my name yesterday, raising me over
100 places in the rankings.  

Sorry, the team merging theory doesn't hold for me.

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