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Ryu odjmico2 at wanadoo.fr
Fri Jun 7 01:19:15 EDT 2002

in my case these are *not* 'extra' blocks, as by the past year something
like >100K blocks i produced were never credited to me, i said to myself '
there is random blocks, plus already calculated blocks reassigned, plus
stats bugs, etc ...'
And since 1999 this happend 3 times to my account, last time it was also
when dnet team did a major improvement on the database, so i think when they
change the requests on database, or compare a maindatabase to a copy or
something else, there's a fix on credited blocks ...

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>Any official word on this?  I like these extra blocks, but I'm not going
>to update my spreadsheet until I know if they're really mine or not (and
>I really don't want to go through all those days just to hunt down 700

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