[RC5] Stats curiosity

Malte S. Stretz msquadrat.nospamplease at gmx.net
Tue Jun 11 18:54:25 EDT 2002

On Tuesday 11 June 2002 15:26 CET blitz wrote:
> Im just using good old Netscrape 4.08...nothing special here. I'm
> 'assuming' the page should work on the lowest common denominator browser.
> (I refuse to use lumbering bloatware)

Netscape 4.08 _is_ something special. And it's only old but neither good nor 
the lowest common denominator. (Depends on your point of view - it's 
probably the lowest common denominator of bugs, especially CSS bugs [1].) 
If you're against bloatware then try Opera [2].

I can't reproduce your problem with Konqueror 3.0.1, Mozilla 0.9.4,
Opera 6.0 TR2 (all Linux) and Lynx 2.8.4rel.1 (HHOS).


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