[RC5] Stats curiosity

Bruce Wilson bwilson at distributed.net
Wed Jun 12 17:55:23 EDT 2002

Bugzilla uses its own set of logins and passwords, different from the
stats pages.  Frankly, we didn't think this was a big issue to anybody.
Since bugzilla uses MySQL, and stats use Sybase, this isn't a simple one
to address.  It's impractical to convert either of these applications to
the other platform, and even if we did, it doesn't seem like the best
use of our time.

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| -----Original Message-----
| It would be nice if the page accepted my email and password, 
| as they were 
| mailed to me.
| I even had the password re-sent to be sure. And yes, I sent 
| it in both 
| upper and lower case as indicated. So much for the right hand 
| knowing what 
| the left hand is doing.

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