[RC5] OGR speed

Alessandro Mandelli motovacanze at motovacanze.it
Thu Jun 13 09:29:27 EDT 2002

With no OGR dedicated list, I think this is the most suitable place to ask.
I upgraded as per recently appeared .plan message, and my speed suddenly dropped
from 2.74 Mnodes/s to 1.8 Mnodes/s.
Benchmarking doesn't help, this is the result:

[Jun 13 06:29:13 UTC] OGR: using core #0 (GARSP 5.13-A).
[Jun 13 06:29:33 UTC] OGR: Benchmark for core #0 (GARSP 5.13-A)
                      0.00:00:17.18 [1,759,819 nodes/sec]
[Jun 13 06:29:33 UTC] OGR: using core #1 (GARSP 5.13-B).
[Jun 13 06:29:53 UTC] OGR: Benchmark for core #1 (GARSP 5.13-B)
                      0.00:00:17.05 [1,800,647 nodes/sec]

Letting the client autoselect core, result is core #0, which is slower. I
manually set it up to #1.
Still can't understand 40% speed reduction from previous client.

How come?


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