[RC5] Far too less blocks accounted

Bjoern Martin boris59 at boris59.de
Thu Jun 13 18:13:36 EDT 2002

Hi there.

Within my team at least two people don't get credited for all the blocks 
they crunch - including me. I think an Athlon 1800+, dual Celeron 500, 
and some other machines (used by my friend) should produce more that 24 
and 8 blocks a day. In my case, about half of the work passing my (two) 
proxies isn't credited as well.

Is this an issue to more people? It's pretty annoying, especially when 
you try to keep your rank within the team.

Bjoern Martin

boris59 at boris59.de  ->  PGP mails welcome (Pkey on request)
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