[RC5] rc5 and 2xPowerPC-RS64-III

Lukasz P topaz at t19.ds.pwr.wroc.pl
Fri Jun 14 03:04:10 EDT 2002

Hi all,

I am new here. Welcome all rc5-guys :-). I have RS 7025 6F1 with
2xPowerPC-RS64-III (650 MHz) and AIX 4.3.3. I
installed rc5 client from http://distributed.net. I would like to maximize
efficiency processors. Can you tell me how?
I made only ...
nice -n 0 dnetc
from root account.

I have strange situation. I have PC with one Duron 650 MHz processor, too.
This computer count faster rc5-blocks (4, 5 times) than my pSeries.
Can you tell me, how is it possible?

thanks for help :)


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