[RC5] rc5 and 2xPowerPC-RS64-III

Scott Dodson gsi22419 at gsaix2.cc.gasou.edu
Thu Jun 20 09:55:59 EDT 2002

On 20-Jun-2002, James Spinks wrote:
> Quoting "Jim C. Nasby" <jim at nasby.net>:
> > Scott is correct in that the Power CPU doesn't have critical
> > instructions needed to do RC5, so it has to emulate them, which is very
> > costly. If you want to see the RS6000 really shine, compare the OGR
> > rates; our 4 CPU machine at work gets 24Gn/s.
> While I was already aware that different CPU architectures would obviously be
> better suited to different projects, what I lack is sufficient knowledge to work
> out which is which and how much difference it actually makes...
> Does anybody have (or could anybody put together) a list of different
> architectures, which projects they shine or struggle with etc.  Obviously as
> detailed as possible (i.e. is there a difference between a 386 and a Athlon even
> though they are both x86).
> I seem to remember that there was a list of user-submitted benchmarks for
> various combinations of architecture, OS, client etc. and I might have a bash at
> trying for some basic results if I can find that again...


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