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I don't think it's an issue of whether brute force would work, or
whether distributed.net would be capable or interested in
participating.  The barrier is that we would not be eligible for the
prize.  Though the referenced page is ambiguous in places, that
snippet seems to clearly exclude the type of solution we would be
able to deliver.  The brute-force solutions we bring to the table are
not designed to discover the algorithm, just to discover the answer.

They are clearly offering this prize because they believe it will
cost more to discover a solution than the prize is worth.  Their
motivation is to "prove" (by never needing to give away the prize
money) that their algorithm is secure.  On the other hand, if someone
did discover a weakness to their algorithm, $100K is a reasonable
price to pay for such information, so they can improve their solution

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| On Thu, 7 Mar 2002, Jeff Palmer wrote:
| > Just a few seconds of research shows d.net would not qualify.
| >
| > "This is a "Show Your Work" Problem
| >  To make sure that you did not just guess an arbitrary bodacion,
| > you must be able to demonstrate that you have cracked the code by
| > presenting all your work, and by being able to crack any series
| > of bodacions. "
| >
| > IE. Brute force is not suitable for this problem.
| Using genetic algorithms, or some other algorihm guessing 
| method, brute
| force may well be applicable.  But that would be quite far beyond
| the sorts of brute force projects distributed.net has done in the
| past.  
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