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Jack Beglinger jackb_guppy at yahoo.com
Sat Mar 9 05:41:09 EST 2002

That was american english...

Now try it British English?

If I remember right, British along with French, Spanish, and Italian Languages 
use a "doubling" pattern. 

Thousands      ttt     ttt     ttt     ttt     ttt
Millions           mmm mmm         mmm mmm  
Billions           bbb bbb bbb bbb
Trillions  ttt ttt           


Thirteen Million, 
One Hundred Seventy-Four Thousand, 
Nine Hundred Fifty-One Billion,
Four Hundred Ninety-Six Thousand,
Eight Hundred Seventy-One Million,
Fifty-One Thousand,
Two Hundred Sixty-Four.


> > 13,174,951,496,871,051,264
> > 
> > How do you say that in English?
> jekyll:~$ number 13174951496871051264
> thirteen quintillion.
> one hundred seventy-four quadrillion.
> nine hundred fifty-one trillion.
> four hundred ninety-six billion.
> eight hundred seventy-one million.
> fifty-one thousand.
> two hundred sixty-four.
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