[RC5] Distirbuted.net clients

Bruce Ford ford at aus3.com
Mon Mar 11 22:10:30 EST 2002

> I'd love to share some info on how you sped up the HB core. You can meet
> on the distributed.net IRC servers (my handle is ``acidblood'').

Basically the mixed MMX/ALU core I mentioned here a few times.  MMX does the
encryption round while the ALU does the key expansion on the next 2 keys.
The MMX basically gives the decoder something to do as there are not enough
registers in the x86 architecture to keep it occupied.

I keep saying theoretical because: 1) It does not work yet and 2) I don't
have an Athlon/Duron CPU handy, though there have been plenty of offers for
when I get a working core.  There may also be stalls due to load/store
contention between the ALU and MMX which will be difficult to determine
until the core is running.

I can make the 90% complete core available if there is interest.  E-mail is
hard enough for me to get to - let alone IRC with time differences thrown

Bruce Ford

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