[RC5] core questions

blitz blitz at macronet.net
Mon Mar 11 21:04:30 EST 2002

I just did a processor changeout in a linux box on my lan. I had an old 
cyrix 166 mhz clone chip and replaced it with a pentium P5mmx at the same 
speed. (running Mandrake Linux 8.0 w/64mb memory) I see the core changed, 
and the speed of processing went way up in comparison to the old chip. The 
core running now is a "jasonp" I believe..

Questions: Is there actually THAT much improvement in handling the RC5 task 
I should be seeing the little indicator turning that much faster?

and, does the mmx functions actually contribute something to the processing 
speed? I always thought they had something to do with video processing, not 
raw processing power.

In any case, I want to thank "jasonp" for a core thats visibly more 
powerful than the old cyrix one, amazing what just a little tweaking can do huh?

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