[RC5] Re: CPU Temperature

Emir Ahmetspahic emiah182 at student.liu.se
Wed Mar 13 18:52:55 EST 2002

> "I have been running dnetc for a while now and I am curious about how 
much it raises my CPU's temperature. I have a Celeron 800 which runs at 
about 55C without dnetc running and 83C with dnetc running. I do have 4 
IDE devices and a floppy drive in the case. Is this temperature too 
high for the CPU, because I don't want to cause any damage to it. "


83C is probably too much for an intel cpu. I've seen cpu temp. apps 
that are warning a user when temperature of his cpu goes over 65C. My 
athlon runs at 55C and amd cpu's are usually warmer than their intel 
counterparts. Its wierd that temperature goes up by 28C, my cpu when 
idle, is something like 50C and when it starts working on dnet it goes 
up to 55.

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