[RC5] CPU Temperature

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A couple of suggestions
Do you have a case fan (outside of the power supply fan)?  Getting
another fan and having it blow inward directly at the heatsink will help
(some PC manufacturers put a duct for air directly to the processor).
Are any of the hard drives in 5 1/4 external bays?  There are fan kits
that replace the blank plate and draw air in over the drives.

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   I have been running dnetc for a while now and I am curious about how
   much it raises my CPU's temperature.  I have a Celeron 800 which runs
   at about 55C without dnetc running and 83C with dnetc running.  I do
   have 4 IDE devices and a floppy drive in the case.  Is this
   temperature too high for the CPU, because I don't want to cause any
   damage to it.  
   I know my hard drives get very warm from constant use but I can't
   move them around because of lack of space.  Any suggestions?
   Ray Booysen
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