[RC5] CPU Temperature

Paul West PaulW at paulw.net
Wed Mar 13 15:21:14 EST 2002

If your CPU is getting that hot with dnetc running, it will get to hot in
normal use also.
I would recommend two things:
1.	If possible, add an additional case fan.  Most cases these days have
room for at least one additional fan.  You should have at least one Intake
fan and one Exhaust fan.  Usually the power supply has an exhaust fan (but
there are exceptions).
2.	Replace the CPU fan on your celeron with something better.  It has
either been clogged with dirt or is insufficient for your CPU.  There are
plenty of good replacement heat sinks and fans available for $20 to $40.
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I have been running dnetc for a while now and I am curious about how much it
raises my CPU's temperature.  I have a Celeron 800 which runs at about 55C
without dnetc running and 83C with dnetc running.  I do have 4 IDE devices
and a floppy drive in the case.  Is this temperature too high for the CPU,
because I don't want to cause any damage to it.  
I know my hard drives get very warm from constant use but I can't move them
around because of lack of space.  Any suggestions?
Ray Booysen
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