[RC5] CPU Temperature

Scott Christopher Dodson gsi22419 at gsaix2.cc.gasou.edu
Wed Mar 13 23:13:17 EST 2002

How frequently under normal use is a processor driven to 100% utilization
for more than a few minutes at a time?  Render boxes, etc are an
exception, but not too many people do this.  I think this mentality is
employed by many OEMs, resulting in cases that aren't cooled sufficiently.


On Wed, 13 Mar 2002, Paul West wrote:

> If your CPU is getting that hot with dnetc running, it will get to hot in
> normal use also.
> I would recommend two things:
> 1.	If possible, add an additional case fan.  Most cases these days have
> room for at least one additional fan.  You should have at least one Intake
> fan and one Exhaust fan.  Usually the power supply has an exhaust fan (but
> there are exceptions).
> 2.	Replace the CPU fan on your celeron with something better.  It has
> either been clogged with dirt or is insufficient for your CPU.  There are
> plenty of good replacement heat sinks and fans available for $20 to $40.
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> I have been running dnetc for a while now and I am curious about how much it
> raises my CPU's temperature.  I have a Celeron 800 which runs at about 55C
> without dnetc running and 83C with dnetc running.  I do have 4 IDE devices
> and a floppy drive in the case.  Is this temperature too high for the CPU,
> because I don't want to cause any damage to it.  
> I know my hard drives get very warm from constant use but I can't move them
> around because of lack of space.  Any suggestions?
> Thanks
> Ray Booysen
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