[RC5] Sanger Institute Cracks Chromosome 20 With Grid Power

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Thu Mar 14 13:50:06 EST 2002

Came across this today...

>Sanger Institute Cracks Chromosome 20 With Grid Power By
>Paul Shread
>The Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, working with Platform
>Computing, has completed the decoding of Chromosome 20, one
>of the 23 chromosomes that carry human genetic material,
>Platform announced today.
>The results, part of the Human Genome Project, will help
>shed light on why people are genetically prone to diseases
>such as diabetes, obesity or eczema, Platform said.
>Chromosome 20 also carries the gene that is suspected to
>make individuals more susceptible to contracting variant
>CJD, the human version of the Mad Cow Disease that has
>plagued the UK since the mid-1980s.
>Distributing sequencing jobs is an enormous challenge for
>the UK-based Sanger Institute, Platform said. At any one
>time, it processes as many as 500,000 jobs across its
>heterogeneous compute farm. However, by using Platform LSF,
>the institute can actively manage the process of controlling
>and optimizing its compute power to accelerate the time to
>discovery, the company said.
>"The Human Genome Project has used enormous, scalable
>compute power to make the data available throughout the
>project," Phil Butcher, head of IT at Sanger Institute, said
>in a statement. "The project is as much an exercise in IT
>and systems needs as in lab science, and we and our partners
>will finish the genome years ahead of schedule partly
>because of our investment in flexible systems."
>The institute has also placed an order for an additional 600
>Platform LSF licenses, which will manage and optimize the
>compute power of the 400 Compaq Alpha DSL10s being used to
>sequence the genomic data at the institute. The institute
>has seen an acceleration of its job sequencing methods over
>the years, partly due to the increased complexity of its
>genomic data, and has used Platform LSF software to manage
>this increasing demand for compute power.
>The Sanger Institute is a supporter of Grid computing
>initiatives and is actively involved in the UK Grid Project.
>The project, developed for high-energy physics and genomic
>research, will facilitate the large-scale sharing of
>resources, applications and compute power, enabling virtual
>organizations and a UK-wide distributed computing
>                        March 12, 2002

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