[RC5] CPU Temperature

blitz blitz at macronet.net
Fri Mar 15 14:33:07 EST 2002

fraid diamond powder is outa my league...

Yeah, that silver grease is a bit pricey too...the cautions I can extend on 
the copper colored anti-seize is that is IS conductive of electricity as 
well, so 'carefully' coat the CPU and heatsink surface with it,making sure 
you don't get any where it could cause a path to the pins. (Short advisory) 
It contains copper powder...so your on your own here. A very thin coat on 
both surfaces is my recommendation.
Permatex sells it as a no-seize compound (great for muffler bolts and 
manifold studs) as does Versal/Heim part #(13).  Theres two permatex 
products, one silver (containing aluminium, and one copper colored, 
containing the copper powder)
Try any auto-supply store.
USE CAREFULLY: I will not be responsible for your CPU taking a crap...so 
theres your warning.

At 09:15 3/15/02 +0100, you wrote:
>On Thu, 14 Mar 2002, blitz fell across the keyboard, resulting in:
> > THank you much.....copper grease came in 2nd...Ive got a bunch of
> > that...its called no-sieze...
> > Logic would dictate that, i'd assume, seeing silver is the best conductor
> > and copper second...
>   If you were talking about electric conductivity, you would be right. The
>best (at least to my knowledge) heat conductor is diamond (there were
>efforts to use CVD diamonds as heat sinks on computer chips to carry away
>the heat from hot spots. Worked well, too, according to the guy who gave
>the presentation I attended). Now diamond grease would be a mite too
>expensive for most of us....
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