[RC5] Something dnetc needs

Boris59 boris59 at boris59.de
Sun Mar 17 12:11:53 EST 2002

>The point is an organisation with 10,000 boxes on their
>desktops is not going to go round and open every box to
>give the fan a dusting.

One point that might be even more important to companies:
Some computer vendors spin up the CPU cooling fan only if
the CPU gets too warm, for example Fujitsu-Siemens computers.
I use one of those at work, and it's significantly louder
when running the client. Those computers are prepared to
run at full throttle all time, but are louder while doing
so. In an office environment where those computers do just
office and mail stuff, they never run at max, so they are
pretty quiet, except you install the dnet client. If one
was able to tell the client only using 50% of the spare
cycles, those computers might also stay quiet and thus
allow an admin to install the client in offices.


Bjoern Martin

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