[RC5] No team credit for blocks after merge

Boris59 boris59 at boris59.de
Sun Mar 17 12:24:51 EST 2002

>You should submit this bug to bugzilla


>(http://www.distributed.net/bugs/) so it can be resolved.
>There was a bug in the way team joins and retires are
>processed, but I thought it was fixed.

Not fixed, just for the one person that was affected at that
time it was 'fixed'.

The following happens: if email A is retired into email B
and email A worked for no team - which is team #0 - the retire
process leaves those blocks credited to team #0, which is
wrong. So a fix would be to credit those blocks to the team
of email B.

The fix for the member was done by decibel at distributed.net
concerning bug# 2408, now bugs #2536 (still UNCO) and #2556
(mine, now resolved as duplicate of #2536 by me) are pending
the same treatment.

>Getting this into the bug system will get it on the list.

Well, I think I'll wait then...


Bjoern Martin

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