[RC5] Dual P3 1.2GHz not automatically typed.

Christopher Hicks chicks at chicks.net
Sun Mar 17 11:08:56 EST 2002

I've searched the web site several ways and I've dug through some of the
mailing list archives and I know this has been discussed on the mailing
list before, but.....

What should I do when automatic processor type detection fails?  I'm
getting the message:
	Automatic processor type detection did not
	recognize the processor (tag: "6547:46B1")
on a Dual P3 1.2G box.

The box has been acting a bit weird, so I wanted to use d.net to see if
there was anything wrong with the processors.  With it not detecting the
processors it's going to be hard to compare it to any of the benchmarks on
file.  :-(  Any ideas or suggestions?  Has anyone seen that processor tag

If anyone whas experience/advice on getting Linux to work on a SuperMicro
rack server I'd love hear about it.  It's a SuperServer 6021H with 1G of


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