[RC5] Dual P3 1.2GHz not automatically typed.

Christopher Hicks chicks at chicks.net
Sun Mar 17 21:25:17 EST 2002

On Sun, 17 Mar 2002, Boris59 wrote:
> I assume you have two PIII-Tualamin cores running on your
> machine. In that case the client doesn't know the core by
> name yet. Just ignore the auto-detect sequence, it chooses
> the right core. Compare the speed to other PIII-systems,
> speed is linear identical.

Well actually given this buggy machine the speed is sucking quite badly,
but I did confirm that it was picking the same core as my other P3

The bug that was linked to listed that it was specific to Windows XP.  I
think it should be All platforms since it's doing it to me on Linux too.


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