[RC5] Service Pause Option

N. Parr nparr at usa.net
Tue Mar 19 13:59:25 EST 2002

I would place cold hard cash on a bet that a very LARGE percentage of dnet's
results are obtained from un-authorized machines.  The fact the proxy
applications are provided from the dnet web site, and that the ability to
hide, rename and mask it's installations are built into the client only
encourages people to install it on un-authorized systems.  It's a do what I
say, not what I do mentality.  If dnet was really that concerned about it's
own liability it would force you to run the cliet windowed or in the task
bar like many other peer clients do.  I've been running the client since the
56 days and I will contiue to run it whether or not people immediately bash
you for asking a simple question.  So if you must have a reason for my
question, here it is. My brother and I have a rather large network of
computers in our house, most of which I own (that means I have the right to
run dnet on them, hence the word OWN).  He has other distributed clients he
runs like seti.  I don't run seti and would like to secretly install dnet on
the machines so he won't notice them an uninstall them.  Now as for my
original question, can it be done.  If you know of a way and don't want the
rest of the world to know because it could encourage them to install the
client on un-authorized systems then email me privately.
I didn't ask the question to start an ethical debate.  Dnet has it's
disclamers and that's all it can reasonably do.  Here's my disclamer,
reading this email may place unnecessary strain of your eyes and possibly
give you a migrane, the author is not responsible for your medication or
doctors bills.  In addition, if you have a sense of humor and understand the
meaning of sarcasm you may giggle or smirk which could draw your boss's
attention to the fact you are reading non work related email.  The author is
not responsible for your termination.
I'm done with this thread.
Please and Thank you

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I'd have to question your motives here.  You are aware that you're only to
install the client on machines which you either own or have been
premission to install the software on.  Installing the software on
machines where the owner does not give permission could cost us the ENTIRE
contest, as per RSA rules.  Why are you going to such lengths to hide the
fact that the dnetc client is running?


On Tue, 19 Mar 2002, N. Parr wrote:

> I currently use the following statement to pause the dnet service when
> someone opens the task manager on a nt/2k/xp machine so they don't see the
> dnet service eating up all the resources.  The service is also renamed so
> looks more like an OS service.
> [triggers]
> pause-watch-plist=taskmgr|mmc
> Is there another trigger than can be used to pause the dnet service when
> someone is viewing the services remotely.  We use a very nice little
> called remote task manager that lets you see and control all the services,
> process, events, devices, network and processor utiliztion, etc.  The dnet
> service won't pause because taskmanager isn't technically being run.
> Thanks

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