[RC5] Service Pause Option

Boris59 boris59 at boris59.de
Wed Mar 20 12:36:17 EST 2002

>I've got the client installed in a network I administer in a similar
>way. I have the official permission of the company's owner (it's a
>small 10 person company). The workstations (running NT 4.0) except one
>were crashing as often as before I installed the client. But suddenly
>some employees were saying "Hey, my machine crashed again and there's
>this service you've installed which eats 100% CPU time. I think it is
>the culprit." I then put the pause option into each config file and
>after a month or two I asked them if their boxes were still crashing.
>"Yes, of course they do," they said, "but not as often as before."

Yep, the psycho thingie is a real problem. Maybe we should
convince those people that dnet is not seti :)

One thing I found out: Java applications (especially development
environments) seem to suffer from a running dnet client. On
one computer of an employee I configured the client to pause when
running java, javaw or netide (NetBeans executable), and now the
employee and me are both happy.

>HTH to understand :)


Bjoern Martin

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