[RC5] Service Pause Option

Scott Christopher Dodson gsi22419 at gsaix2.cc.gasou.edu
Wed Mar 20 11:51:48 EST 2002

> We also came under heavy criticism recently for not contributing to
> the defense of one of our participants who apparently installed the
> client without permission of the owners of those machines.  (see
> http://www.freemccowan.org, if I have the URL right).  Whatever your
> opinion of the scale of the charges against him, our handling of this
> situation was fully consistent with our stated policy.

The appropriate link is : http://www.freemcowen.com/ I've talked to him
before and perhaps the most concerning issue is the fact that he seems to
believe that there was no wrong committed.  I don't understand why fail to
see that stolen cpu time is the same as stolen physical material.  You pay
big bucks for faster cpus, it should be obvious that you're paying for cpu
processing power.


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