[RC5] Service Pause Option

Christopher Hicks chicks at chicks.net
Wed Mar 20 16:55:24 EST 2002

On Wed, 20 Mar 2002, Bruce Wilson wrote:

> In today's world, you could configure your client to use
> ltorvalds at linux.org and nobody would be the wiser.  This has been the
> case with a few of our abuses.  (Nugget's e-mail address was targeted,
> for instance.)  Since work wouldn't appear in stats unless it belonged
> to a valid ID, we remove part of the incentive of including dnetc as a
> payload with a virus or trojan - you can't see the results unless you
> get an ID, and then we'll know who you are.  This is what I meant by
> making unauthorized installs less profitable. If you can't see how
> much work was done by your trojan install, why install dnetc at all?

The id's are visible in all the URL's now which gains nothing over the
e-mail address.  Would the ID's to put in the client be different?


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