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Scott Dodson gsi22419 at gsaix2.cc.gasou.edu
Wed Mar 20 17:29:29 EST 2002

How many particpants does UD have now?  They exchange information.


On 20-Mar-2002, blitz wrote:
> I can assure you, Dnet will dry up and blow away should you follow through 
> with the below changes. Sending personal information over the net is the 
> point most people balk at, and DNet is no different. Yeah, sure you have an 
> email address, but its probably a throw-away in the first place. Large 
> projects are always suspicious, and Dnet is no different. Who knows, you 
> might sell all our email addys to a spamhaus once the project is done? The 
> ability to labor on anonymous is precious to a lot of people. Take it away, 
> and I can guarantee there will be a LOT less participants.
> Generally, I think most people are not installing where its not wanted. If 
> Dnet becomes anal about it, well,theres lots of other distributed 
> challenges out there people can participate it....
> What youve got now is working pretty well, changes will not be good for you.
> Just my 2c
> >Recent abuses have prompted us to explore options which will make
> >unauthorized installs more difficult, less profitable, and easier to
> >trace.  User interaction upon install is one option we are exploring.
> >  A registration/activation process is another.
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