[RC5] Service Pause Option

Scott Dodson gsi22419 at gsaix2.cc.gasou.edu
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How bout you let me use your car while you're not using it?
I'll always bring it back with the same amount of gas.


On 20-Mar-2002, Justin Hernandez wrote:
> but how did he steal cpu time?
> this cpu time would have gone completely wasted, "stolen" by idle processes
> and not being used at all.  i'm trying to think of a good analogy.
> i have some headphones on my desk.
> if when i'm not using them, someone comes and borrows it, but the second i
> want to use them, they bring them back without me even ASKING, has that
> person "stolen" my headphones?
> i call that borrowing when not needed, not stealing
> valis
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> > We also came under heavy criticism recently for not contributing to
> > the defense of one of our participants who apparently installed the
> > client without permission of the owners of those machines.  (see
> > http://www.freemccowan.org, if I have the URL right).  Whatever your
> > opinion of the scale of the charges against him, our handling of this
> > situation was fully consistent with our stated policy.
> The appropriate link is : http://www.freemcowen.com/ I've talked to him
> before and perhaps the most concerning issue is the fact that he seems to
> believe that there was no wrong committed.  I don't understand why fail to
> see that stolen cpu time is the same as stolen physical material.  You pay
> big bucks for faster cpus, it should be obvious that you're paying for cpu
> processing power.
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> scott
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