[RC5] Service Pause Option

David Bolt rc5-3 at my-ste.demon.co.uk
Thu Mar 21 19:43:30 EST 2002

On Wed, 20 Mar 2002, Bruce Wilson <bwilson at distributed.net> wrote:-


>As an added advantage, since your work is tagged by ID instead of
>your email address, retires could become a thing of the past.  If
>your e-mail address changes, you do not need to reconfigure all your
>dnetc's, just edit the address in the stats database.  Email address
>would become demographic information instead of a primary key.
>Again, we plan to provide backward compatibility for all outstanding

Is this backwards compatibility going to remain indefinitely? If it is,
it won't make a lot of difference to unauthorised installs. If it isn't,
it means that I'm not going to be happy.

With every new release I've tested the speed against presently running
version and, if there is an increase in the key rate, changed to the
newer version. Where there isn't, I keep the old version. Due to of
this, my systems are running variety of versions from 428 on my Acorn,
through to 469 on my Linux-based Durons.

If I have to swap from the present clients, taking the keyrates of
previous releases into consideration, I could end up losing upto
30kkeys/sec per client[0]. Something that could have happened if I kept
upgrading to the latest versions as they were released.

[0] Using 463 on my Windows box, rather than 469 give 28kkeys/sec extra
over the later clients. Using 458 on my K6 gives almost 20kkeys/sec
extra. The Acorn, OTOH cracks at ~9.5kkeys/sec so there isn't much
difference, but even a sustained 0.5kkeys/sec drop will have an effect.

  David Bolt

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