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Justin Hernandez justin.hernandez at timedomain.com
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exactly my point, throw him out, tell him to stop, but throwing into jail is
way overboard

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On Thu, 21 Mar 2002, Justin Hernandez wrote:

> while it is debateable the amount of "wear" you can put onto a cpu,
> i'd submit that the amount of wear you put on it is exceptionally
> negligible and insignificant, so the car scenario doens't work

People purchase cars based on mileage - use reduces value.  People
purchase computers based on age - time reduces value.  What you do with it
during that time (presuming it's in a smoke-free environment, etc.) is
pretty irrelevant!  Stealing CPU time is like the wear you put on a park
bench by sitting on it.  We may throw the homeless out of the park, but we
don't account for the wear they put on the bench.


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