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Scott Christopher Dodson gsi22419 at gsaix2.cc.gasou.edu
Thu Mar 21 15:45:54 EST 2002

You do know that transistors have a finite life?  And there's like 90%
chance that those machines were GW2k machines in the McOwen case as that's
the largest contract the Univ system of GA has.  All of the machines we
receive here (another Ga. Univ) have passive cooling on the cpu.  I've
worked on several of them where the cpu was quite hot even after sitting
idle.  I wonder what they'd be like if they were pushed to 100% all the
time.  I think chances of failure are ramping up pretty quickly, also, if
they're anything like our lab machines the hard drives spin down after an
hour of no use.  This simply wouldn't happen if he were using the client.
His poor judgement easily could have ended the contest for
distributed.net, while leaving Georgia with a few dead machines at the
same time.

There's many things to consider here, have you looked at the Computer
Fraud and Abuse act of 1986?  Certain clauses in that act look as if he
could have ended up with 5 years in prison.  If I were him I'd consider
myself lucky, but then again I wouldn't be in his position because I don't
take what doesn't belong to me.

On Thu, 21 Mar 2002, Justin Hernandez wrote:

> i'd like to tell it to the people that prosecuted them, and those who
> expelled them.
> obviously they have little to no understanding of computers and how they
> work, which is not suprising.
> valis
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> Tell that to the people in Jail, or to those that have been expelled from
> colleges,  or those that lost their jobs because they ran the client without
> getting permission.
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> but how did he steal cpu time? 
> this cpu time would have gone completely wasted, "stolen" by idle processes
> and not being used at all.  i'm trying to think of a good analogy.
> i have some headphones on my desk. 
> if when i'm not using them, someone comes and borrows it, but the second i
> want to use them, they bring them back without me even ASKING, has that
> person "stolen" my headphones?
> i call that borrowing when not needed, not stealing 
> valis 
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> > We also came under heavy criticism recently for not contributing to 
> > the defense of one of our participants who apparently installed the 
> > client without permission of the owners of those machines.  (see 
> > http://www.freemccowan.org <http://www.freemccowan.org> , if I have the
> URL right).  Whatever your 
> > opinion of the scale of the charges against him, our handling of this 
> > situation was fully consistent with our stated policy. 
> The appropriate link is : http://www.freemcowen.com/
> <http://www.freemcowen.com/>  I've talked to him 
> before and perhaps the most concerning issue is the fact that he seems to 
> believe that there was no wrong committed.  I don't understand why fail to 
> see that stolen cpu time is the same as stolen physical material.  You pay 
> big bucks for faster cpus, it should be obvious that you're paying for cpu 
> processing power. 
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> scott 
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