[RC5] Re: got no plan(s)

Malte S. Stretz msquadrat.nospamplease at gmx.net
Thu Mar 21 23:42:18 EST 2002

On Thursday, 21. March 2002 22:26 CET Chris Pollard wrote, at least in 
> The plans mailer is broken.  There is a note in one of the plans I
> think.

Great. A notice in the plans to tell me I won't receive any plans :o)

| Please be advised that we are in the middle of finishing up a
| migration of our webserver to a new machine, so there many be an
| increase in broken things over the new few days.  Among these things
| may include planfiles, the plan mailing lists, web home directories,
| and possibly other things.  Do not panic, remain calm.  Thanks.

I did not panic, stayed calm. Please.

But [1] reads as if the problems are fixed. Maybe I've got to 
re-subscribe...? I'll have a try when I'm back from holidays :)


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