[RC5] continuation? (OT)

Malte S. Stretz msquadrat.nospamplease at gmx.net
Fri Mar 22 09:22:41 EST 2002

On Friday, 22. March 2002 01:02 CET Chris Burton wrote, at least in 
> > Last time I bought a comp with windows pre-installed there was no 
> > Licence aggreement the first time I booted the computer, nor was 
> > there any docmentation saying that by using this computer I agree 
> > to the licence conditions. This seems obvious to me but I wonder 
> > how it would stand up in a law court.
> If you got an OEM version of windows then the person who installed it
> broke the terms that Microsoft set out when they installed it that
> way. When you came to login it should of requested you to type in
> your serial number and accept the EULA. Also if you didnt get a
> license did you actually get a legal copy of windows?

At least here in Germany the on-screen EULA is nonsense; it isn't 
legally binding. You have to have read the license _before_ you open 
the software package. If you've bought a computer with OEM software 
pre-installed you may give it back to your retailer. (Either the 
software only, if he agrees, or the whole box.)

And BTW: I don't think there's anywhere mentioned that they'll install 
the background task FindFast and a description of what it does (slowing 
down your machine) in the Office EULA. It's only legal blurb and even 
if you've read it thoroughly (what I never even tried) all it will give 
you is a headache but no clue.

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