[RC5] continuation? (OT)

Scott Dodson gsi22419 at gsaix2.cc.gasou.edu
Fri Mar 22 08:42:32 EST 2002

On 22-Mar-2002, Malte S. Stretz wrote:
> At least here in Germany the on-screen EULA is nonsense; it isn't 
> legally binding. You have to have read the license _before_ you open 
> the software package. If you've bought a computer with OEM software 
> pre-installed you may give it back to your retailer. (Either the 
> software only, if he agrees, or the whole box.)
> And BTW: I don't think there's anywhere mentioned that they'll install 
> the background task FindFast and a description of what it does (slowing 
> down your machine) in the Office EULA. It's only legal blurb and even 
> if you've read it thoroughly (what I never even tried) all it will give 
> you is a headache but no clue.

When you install any software package with "Typical" settings you're
getting whatever they feel you want.  Microsoft Office has a particularly
nice installer and describes in detail every component you may install.
You just must do a custom install.  Of course they don't say "This will
slow your machine..." but from what I've found that's not always the case

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