[RC5] Service Pause Option

Noah Massey nmassey at waterwelp.net
Fri Mar 22 10:59:11 EST 2002

--begin quoted message from Justin Hernandez, 
> i thought about that analogy, but it really doesn't fit.
> when you borrow the car you increase it's mileage, wear, and also risk
> smashing it up.
> while it is debateable the amount of "wear" you can put onto a cpu, i'd
> submit that the amount of wear you put on it is exceptionally negligible and
> insignificant, so the car scenario doens't work
> valis

The hardware list just had a discussion about the actual cost of
running the distributed client, since it keeps the processor running
at full potential, causing possible overheats, can interfere with
other low priority jobs, and prevents computers from going into energy
saving modes.

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