[RC5] Is that smoke I smell?

Justin Hernandez justin.hernandez at timedomain.com
Fri Mar 22 17:02:46 EST 2002

dont believe this is rc5 related, 
but i had a warning sign that i did not heed

for a couple weeks i noticed that the keyboard/mouse and usb port inputs on
my motherboard were VERY hot, almost too hot to touch.  i could not remember
if they were ALWAYS like that, or just recently, so i let it slide.

one saturday the comp was working just fine, came back in an hour, and
after all normal troubleshooting, finally found the culprit...

an inductor had FRIED and melted off of the board, near the power supply.
also several caps were distended, and NOT normal

i have pics of the chaos...



fortunately i wwas able to find the same mobo froma friend, abit bx6r2, has
served me well, started as an o'clocked celery 4 years ago, nos is oclocked
pIII 800- 1 gig

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Generally they're pretty much ok, (as Ive found plenty this bad or worse) 
UNTIL the fan quits.
That switching power supply (commonly referred to as the computer's space 
heater) will get real hot, and start emitting a smell like burnt 
electronics long before a failure happens. (Like a week or so)
In an office environment, where air is stale, and smells of office type 
people, this smell is unmistakable.
Its a sure clue you will be replacing a power supply in short order. The 
quality of fans is real bad these days as well. Expect a year or two out of 
the el-cheapos.
I've got "rotron" muffin fans in electronic equipment here that have run 
continuously for 30 years without failure or noise. But a power supply for 
your desktop is produced as cheaply as possible, like $10.00 so don't 
expect long life from the fan. The fan is a .50 cent add on, made by prison 
slave labor in one-hung-lo Provence in China, don't expect much.
The problem is, one doesn't know how much time is left on the fan, if we 
knew, we'd open the power supply and put the $10.00 "rotron" fan in, to 
prevent the supply from roaching, but when one fails the power supply is 
gone with it as well...a catch 22 situation.

A $10.00 fan would keep a $10.00 power supply from failing, but the labor 
to change the fan exceeds the cost of a new power supply and install. So 
like everyone else, we let them burn up, and make our $ changing them out 
to a PS with a fan that will last even less long..I guess thats "jhob 

At 09:37 3/22/02 -0800, you wrote:
>HA. True. My computers are usually clean. To be honest it is the three dual
>processor boxes at home that tend to pile up the dust and cat hair in the
>But I have been by friends to check out their office, a small company, to
>find a 'server' locked in a back filing room under stacks of paper and with
>six inches of dust on it. Its happened several times.....I'd hate to
>one of those fire hazzards running dnet, ud or seti. Just up it another 10
>to 20 degrees...shouldn't hurt, right?
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>(Tongue in cheek mode on)
>Well, if youre the sysadmin, aren't you supposed to blow out the dust and
>rodent parts once in a while? I know "I" do...heh
>At 14:05 3/21/02 -0800, you wrote:
> >Did you ever run a heat test on your PC? With and without Dnetc running?
> >Every computer that I have run one on runs hotter after it has been at
> >utilization for awhile. Now go ahead and make the argument that I
> >could/should use better heat sinks, fans, etc. But when you are running
> >around putting dnet on machines that you do have any legal right to put
> >on, and the individual who does on the machine is not aware, then how are
> >they to take environmental considerations into account? Now there is the
> >potential that you are damaging their equipment. You call it a long shot,
> >say it doesn't matter.
> >
> >
> >
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> >
> >
> >On Thu, 21 Mar 2002, Bruce Wilson wrote:
> > > Compare this to the physical analogy of a house.  If someone enters
> > > your house without your permission, they can be prosecuted for
> > > trespassing, even if they didn't touch anything while they were there.
> >
> >Right on!  I doubt any rational person is in disagreement with this.  But
> >when people start comparing unauthorized dnetc's to theft, and
> >on that basis, people get rather bent out of shape -- and rightfully so.
> >
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> ></chris>
> >
> >"The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always
> >certain of themselves, but wiser people so full of doubts"
> >                                 -- Bertrand Russell
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