[RC5] CVS question

Jeff Lawson jlawson at bovine.net
Thu Mar 28 11:19:26 EST 2002

> While trying to find out how stats things work (I have to
> parse the pages), I found out there are two cvs trees (or 
> folders or whatever) for the rc5-64 project, rc5-64 and 
> rc5-64-2, within the stats-html tree. Which one is actually 
> used in production, or if both are used, where is the difference?

The "rc5-64" directory is what is currently used by
http://stats.distributed.net/rc5-64/  The "-2" version was intended to
be the version of the pages used when the RC5 stats database schema was
upgraded to the same layout that is used by the OGR stats.  (We are
actually in the middle of this conversion and it should be completed
within a week or so.)

However, we are instead deciding to abandon maintaining separate
versions of the pages for each project and instead use the "generic"
directory for a new version of the pages that takes the project name as
a form variable argument:
http://cvs.distributed.net/cvsweb.cgi/stats-html/generic/  The "generic"
directory's files are currently undergoing active development.

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