More general bitching about lack of new client (was: [RC5] new release candidate available.)

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Sat Nov 23 13:18:35 EST 2002

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On Saturday 23 November 2002 1:01 pm, Steve Bennett wrote:
> I don't like to be such a knocker, but after the fiasco with rc5-64, and
> this latest "silence, we are working" attitude, can someone give me one
> good reason why anyone would want to stay on the project?


> OGR is boring

Yes, and it always has been.

>  and that no new projects are on the horizon.  It's not even
> *fun* anymore.

I stopped work on when RC5-64 finished. I was waiting for a new client 
to come out so that I could put one of my machines back onto it. In the 
meantime I was running GIMPS on the computers. Given the attitude, and lack 
of support from the team, I feel I shall be staying with GIMPS from now 

There seems little point going back to RC5 when (if) a client ever gets 
released. What happens if (when) something goes wrong with that (be it 
servers, network infrastructure or client problems). Are we expected to wait 
around for months again for them to pull their finger out and do some work?

- From the press release about the join to UD:
"This move is a very natural progression for us all and enables the team to 
focus full time on what we love doing the most." 

I wonder what it is they love doing most, as it certainly doesn't seem to have 
anything to do with

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