[RC5] Time to Start?

David McNett nugget at distributed.net
Mon Nov 4 11:51:02 EST 2002

On 04-Nov-2002, Witlof wrote:
> I've been thinking and want to know how the starts of RC5-72 would be
> if we look at retired addresses. Last time on OGR-25 we got all the
> retired email-accounts in RC5-64 also in OGR-25. Is it possible to go
> clean with the same address? Otherwise we must create 2 (or more)
> addresses, 1 for OGR-25 and 1 for RC5-72 to start with 0 retirements in
> a new project. That's not very userfriendly.

I'm not sure I'm understanding what you are asking.  There's no reason to
alter the address your dnetc clients are using just because we're rolling
out a new project.  Once you've retired an address you no longer have to
be concerned about that address, although it makes sense that you would
migrate your existing dnetc installations to use the newer, current
address just for consistency's sake.

I don't understand what you mean by "we must create 2 (or more)

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