[RC5] Time to Start?

David McNett nugget at distributed.net
Mon Nov 4 15:08:15 EST 2002

On 04-Nov-2002, Witlof wrote:
> What I mean is that I used an address with the maximum retirements for
> RC5-64. That address I also used for OGR-25 so it ain't possible to retire
> in OGR-25 because it's the same address as RC5-64. It's not possible to
> change my emailaddress without a retirement. When I now want to crunch under
> an other address I must create a new address for the project and start all
> over.
> The best thing to do is to start a new project with a new address. Then
> you've the maximum retirements available. But when you can run 2 projects
> with 1 client and it switches because of one ended (like a while ago with
> RC5-64) then we must edit all clients ini-files to go to another address to
> flush the work on.
> Hopefully you now know what I mean otherwise I'll try it in dutch to the
> regional guys :)

I'm afraid I'm still not sure what you mean, exactly.  It does sound 
like you are unaware of the fact that all contests share the same
participants database.  There are not seperate participant databases for
RC5 and OGR, it's the same database.  Am I right that you thought otherwise?

If you've already gone through the eight allowed retirements (tough to
do, but not entirely unfeasible for someone who's been around since 1997)
you can have help at distributed.net retire you if it becomes necessary

I guess I just don't understand what you're trying to do.  Are you using 
different email addresses for each contest?  If so, why?

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