AW: [RC5] 109-bit Elliptic Curve Cryptography knocked over with brute force

Christian Wirth wirthi at
Fri Nov 8 18:13:26 EST 2002


> I found the following quote on the site
> "There will most likely be an effort soon to solve the ECC2-109 challenge,
> but I am not coordinating it. I simply don't have the time to do another
> one right now. However, the effort should begin sometime in the near
> - I did write the source code and pass it on to a well-known group who
> most likely undertake that challenge."
> Could that "well-known group" eventually have anything to do with the RC5
> team?
> Does anyone have a better guess?

It was my first guess too; On the other hand,
announced to start a ECC2-109 project very soon and they have already
published a beta client AFAIK. It's still possible that
gives it a try independently.


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