[RC5] They have all our e-mails!!!

Jeff Palmer scorpio at drkshdw.org
Mon Nov 11 10:56:08 EST 2002

I would assume that when rc5-72 is launched,   participants will know in a 
number of ways.

#1) announcement on the website
#2) announcement via .plans and the .plan mailing lists
#3) announcements and /topic change in #distributed on irc.distributed.net 
#4) announcements on the announce and/or rc5@ mailing lists.

Then  as soon as that is complete,  the word of mouth announcements start.


At 05:14 PM 11/11/02 +0200, Denis wrote:
>Hi everybody.
>I've just think - the d.NET staff have all our e-mails, so they can 
>announce RC5-72 starting just by sending one message...
>Just wondering does they planning to do this?
>wbr, Me. Dead J. Dona


Jeff Palmer
scorpio at drkshdw.org

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