[RC5] PowerPC 970 posts lower RC5 scores than dual 1 GHz G4

Jeff Leigh jgleigh at mac.com
Mon Nov 11 18:43:59 EST 2002

It sounds like a pretty damn fast chip to me. The 745x series seems to 
get ~10k keys/MHz, so a theoretical 1.8 GHz 7455 would also get 18 
million keys/sec. The 970 has a much longer pipeline than the 7455, so 
the chip has to be much faster to overcome the longer pipeline at the 
same clock frequency. Now imagine, not one 970, but TWO! 36 millions 
keys/sec...and this was probably on a core designed for the 745x. 
Imagine a core that was tweaked for the 970...even faster.

> With my 400 MHz G4 I get 3.5 million, the 1 GHz G4 gets 10 million per 
> processor.
> At 1.8 GHz the 970 gets 18 million per processor, it's pretty akin to 
> damn fast ;-)

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